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yourself. For example,the broker PaxForex, has extensive experience working in Forex, in trading
stocks and options. It offers unique services and products that make it possible to achieve any high at
the trading. Before you start trading in the foreign exchange market, you need to make a choice of the
company with which you will cooperate.The information collected will help determine the choice in
favor of better conditions. Follow the plan:
 Analyze the proposed options
 Compare brokers
 Download a demo account
 Open a live account
 Test in practice
After a real trade you will have a general idea of ​​this broker and you will understand whether it is
worth continuing to work with him further. Do not forget that many brokers offer different attractive
terms, but you must choose exactly what suits you.
How to choose a forex broker
An important criterion for selection is the availability of licensing documents, confirming activities,
certificates, contracts. Which country regulates? Also in different countries there is a different
procedure for registration and verification. The investor is advised to choose a broker with a legitimate
policy. On what it is necessary to pay attention:
 Platform Reliability
 Types of accounts
 Customer Support
 Fees, commissions
 Capitalization
 Leverage and margin calls
 Additional services.
To choosethe best forex broker you need to carefully study all the rules and terms of the contract.
You can ask for help on known analytical resources on the Internet, read customer reviews. Make a list,
read in detail the information and select the acceptable options based on the selection. For example,
it is important to have an idea in advance of how to withdraw the profit from the account. Also, take
into your consideration the possibilities of trading platforms and the availability of technical advisers,
indicators. Some companies offer high spreads, other unacceptable conditions, lure shares. Care should
be taken with dubious proposals. Collecting positive factors will help determine the choice and protect
against possible troubles.
Distinctive features of the PaxForex broker
Use the simple rules in reviewing the best brokers and make the right choice.PaxForex is one of the
most trusted companies, which has many advantages. The team of specialists helps partners to open
the most profitable transactions, advises on important operations, forecast fluctuations in the prices of
currency pairs. For beginners, it is possible to get free training with a personal manager. Advantages:
 24-hour support service
 World News
 Check quotes for oil, gold, currencies
 Current prices
 Advantageous transactions for the purchase, sale
 Minimum spreads (from 0.3 points)

 Leverage (from 1: 1 to 1: 500)
It is proposed to use automated robots that have great potential and help to eliminate the influence of
the human factor. Technical systems will help to cope with physical and psychological stress, open
positions and close automatically. Withthe PaxForex broker, you can improve your financial standing
and open new horizons. Choosethe best forex broker, which protects the interests of traders. The
company has prepared special programs for customers of various categories, with the help of which it
is possible to get qualified assistance.